Testing Environment Guidelines for Seamless Integration
To facilitate a smooth integration and testing process, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Credit Card Numbers for Mock Transactions:

Use the following credit card numbers exclusively for testing purposes in the development environment:

◆4580458045804580 - Valid for regular (single payment) transactions only. Suitable for testing failed transactions in multiple payments.

◆ 4580000000000000

◆ 4580111111111121

Important note!

The Bit application, GooglePay, and ApplePay do not have a dedicated testing environment. All transactions made with these methods will be real transactions.


○ There are two distinct environments:

  1. Sandbox: The test environment.
  2. Live: The production environment.


Important Notes:

○ Each environment (sandbox and live) has its unique pageCode and userId. Ensure that you use the correct userId and pageCode for the corresponding environment.
○ The live URL will be provided upon successful completion of development and testing by Grow

By following these testing environment guidelines, you can ensure a reliable and efficient integration process with Grow's payment platform.