Premium Recurring Payment:

For enhanced services, consider the premium recurring payment option that offers:

  1. Updated Token: In case of credit card expiration, the existing token is seamlessly updated with the new expiration date.
  2. In case the customer switched to a new credit card, he can confirm to the credit company to automatic transfer of the recurring payment to the new card.
  3. Distinct Credit Card Charges: Charges appear as recurring payments in the customer's credit card company, providing clarity in monthly summaries.


Please note

โ— Permissions: Request permission from Grow to access the premium recurring payment service.
โ— Monthly Charge Detail: When configuring billing, use the sum parameter to specify the monthly charge.

Setting Up premium Recurring Payments

There are two ways to set up a premium recurring payments managed by grow:

  1. Managed by GROW:

  • CreateTransactionWithToken:
    This method allows you to set up a recurring charge using an existing token.
  • CreatePaymentProcess:
    This method sets up a recurring payment using an iframe via dedicated pageCode.

  1. Managed internally by your company:

  • If you prefer to manage recurring payments internally:
    This involves saving a token and then managing the monthly charges independently.

How it Works:

premium recurring payment managed by grow via dedicated page code :

For this option,
Ensure that the settings defined in GROW are configured according to the Premium recurring payment .
You need to send a createPaymentProcess call with the dedicated pageCode for the recurring payment ,
And specify the number of payments you want the recurring payment to run under the paymentNum parameter.

premium recurring payment managed by grow via token :

For this option,
Send the createTransactionWithToken call with the parameter paymentType = 1 and specify the desired number of runs under the paymentNum parameter.

See the following flow.

premium recurring payment manage by you via token

For this option,
you need to perform two actions:
The first action is to set up the recurring payment by sending the createTransactionWithToken call with the parameter isRecurringDebitId = 1.
After executing the call, you will receive the recurring payment code in the server update under the recurringDebitId parameter.

For the next charge of the recurring payment ,
Send the createTransactionWithToken call with the recurringDebitId parameter to link the current charge to the previous charges of the recurring payment .

See the following flow-

Experience the convenience of recurring payments with Grow, streamlining your billing processes for continuous and seamless transactions.