In our payment system, authentication is a critical aspect of every transaction. To ensure the smooth processing of payments, you must include two essential parameters with each payment request.


Unique Identifier: This parameter is a unique identifier assigned to every business connected to and using Grow Payment Solutions.


Tailored Payment Experience: For each distinct payment type within your company, a unique pageCode is assigned. For example, credit card payments will have their designated pageCode, while Bit payments will have a separate one, and so on.

ImportantIt's important to remember that the pageCode and userId and apiKey in the testing environment differs from the live one.

For detailed information and additional options related to PageCodes, please refer to our comprehensive documentation

Supporting Multiple Business

If your company offers payment solutions to multiple other businesses, Grow can streamline your operations for your various clients.

For instance, a company that provides accounting services to multiple companies, should use the APIKey param.


● Unique Company Identifier: The apiKey is a distinctive identifier linked to your company, connected to the respective userIds for each business you serve.

● Example: To process payments for a specific client company, you'll use their designated userId, the appropriate pageCode, and the apiKey associated with your accounting services company.

Company Commission

For added flexibility, companies have the option to charge commissions for their services using the "companyCommission" parameter.

If you have any questions or require further assistance with authentication or any other aspect of our services, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated support team.