This is the regular and simple payment process.

This function returns a URL link for the Transaction Form


return value: a url that contain link for the Transaction Form + Processid + processToken.

apiKey userId, pageCode parameters would be provided by Grow during the API initial setting.

successUrl: Must include one parameter per request.

successUrl and cancelUrl:

  1. If using iFrame make sure to use HTTPS and not HTTP.
  2. Must use an external URL and not localhost.

The flow is as following:

Important Notes

  1. The URL will be valid for 10 min.
  2. The payment will go through even if you did not Approve Transaction.
  3. Due to URL length restrictions in the browser, restricted to 2000 characters, it is possible that not all Optional fields would return on requesting the Thank You page. ( On a request made to the server all fields will return).
  4. The successUrl and the optional fields must contain valid characters. In case you are interested in sending different parameters, it is recommended that you would use encryption of base64 or a similar one to it.
  5. In case of using Post Message, the successUrl and cancelUrl are not required.
  6. In case you wish the link to open up in a new tab, you must open the link in a new tab and not in the same tab (
  7. In case of using iFrame, please see iFrame section. iframe info
  8. It is required that you save the Id and token within your system, as you will need it for every transaction request that will be made, for instance, refund a transaction.
  9. You can set a webhook that will receive the invoice from the payment process. The address should be sent in the invoiceNotifyUrl param. See here for more details about the webhooks.