At Grow, we offer versatile payment pages with a range of customizable features to meet your business's specific needs. These pages are designed to ensure a seamless payment experience for your customers.
In this section we will show examples of pageCodes.


Important note :

All identifiers in this documentation are for demonstration purposes only.
For the development of the API, you must receive from us unique identifiers for you

The userId for this testing is: 4ec1d595ae764243.

Generic Payment Page

PageCode: b73ca07591f8

โ— Accepts payments with Credit Cards or Bit.

โ— Customization options include adding customer information fields, logo, and notification settings (though this is not recommended to avoid confusion).

โ— Allows up to 2 additional fields from existing options, such as Full Name, Phone, Email, Name for invoice , ID number, City, Street & house numberand more.

  • Please note - when using this pageCode, do not send maxPaymentNum.

This is what the page looks like (default color, choosing full name & phone fields):

Credit Card Payment Page

PageCode: 0b7a16e03b25

  • Offers flexibility in screen size, background display,
    and icons placement on the bottom of the screen.
    โ— Allows customization of button colors and text.
    โ— Supports regular and recurring payments.

This is the look of the regular page as a small screen:

CG (Common Gateway) Page

PageCode: e635bb8a405b

โ— Offers all payment options in one place.

โ— Displays a shopping cart if products are included in the invoice.

โ— Supports regular and recurring payments.

โ— Customizable button colors and text.

Google Pay Page

PageCode: 77a2993849cd

  • Note for using Google Pay -

The GooglePay payment must be displayed in the Chrome browser on Android only.

Add the following tag to the iframe:

Apple Pay Page

PageCode: 9eeea7787d67

โ— Note: Domain approval is required when using IFRAME. (Link here) )

Bit Payment Page

PageCode: e20c9458e9f3

โ— Optimised for full-screen display on mobile devices.

โ— By default, SMS notifications are not sent after Bit transactions (adjustable via settings)

Designed for a straightforward user experience:

Bit QR Payment Page

PageCode: 39bf173ce7d0

โ— By default, SMS notifications are not sent after Bit transactions (adjustable via settings).

โ— Offers a quick and convenient way to process Bit transactions.

SDK (Software Development Kit) wallet

pageCode : c34d1f4a546f

โ— Provides a modular and well-designed payment process.

โ— Offers a seamless solution for online payments, eliminating the need for redirects or iframes that may hinder user experience.

โ— Ensures flexibility in payment options and customization.

โ— Click here (Link here)for a guide on implementing the SDK.

Transmitting Payments to Devices

โ— Enable NFC billing for Galaxy devices or establish a general connection to the API to transmit transactions directly to the device and create clearing devices from mobile devices.

At Grow, we are dedicated to enhancing your payment processes while providing the utmost flexibility and security.
If you have any questions or require further assistance with our payment pages or services, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team.