Token Transaction Options with Grow Systems
Unlock the potential of token transactions with Grow Systems, offering multiple options tailored to your business needs.

Flow for Token Save Process Only

  1. Token Storage Only:
    ● Execute a call to create Payment Process with sum= 1.
    ● Set parameters: chargeType=3 and saveCardToken=1.
    ● After the customer fills in credit card details, their token is saved.
    ● Receive the token update from Grow Systems for future transactions.

Regular Transaction with Token Save

Regular Transaction with Token Save:
● Use create Payment Process for a standard transaction.
● Simultaneously save the token by adding the parameter saveCardToken=1.
● After the payment, the card token is saved, and you receive an update from Grow Systems.

The flow for recurring payment with token

  • To create a recurring payment that is managed by GROW using a token, the following parameters must be sent in the call -
    paymentType = 1

The flow for charge token

● Execute a call to charge a saved token for a transaction. Flow for Charge Token:

Choose the token transaction flow that aligns with your business strategy. Grow Systems ensures seamless and secure token handling for efficient transactions. For further assistance or details, contact our support team. Elevate your payment processes with Grow Systems.