Recurring Payment with Grow: Seamless Monthly Charges

Enable recurring monthly charges effortlessly with Grow's recurring payment feature, ensuring a hassle-free process without manual intervention each month.

Key Features:

● Automatic Monthly Charges: Set up recurring payments, and we'll automatically charge the specified sum each month based on the details provided during setup.

● Modification Options: Enjoy flexibility by modifying recurring payments, adjusting the sum, customer details, credit card information, payment date, number of charges, or opting for cancellation. Learn more

● Business Management Interface: Effortlessly manage recurring charges through the intuitive Business Management Interface.

● Dedicated PageCode Identifier: Create recurring payments by using a dedicated pageCode identifier, ensuring seamless integration.

● Server-to-Server Confirmation: Confirmation occurs only during the initial setup of the recurring payment, not with every monthly payment.

● Webhook Notifications: Receive webhooks for each successful payment or any failures, providing real-time updates on the status of recurring payments.

● Up to 180 Months: Set up recurring payments for an extended duration, with the flexibility to plan charges for up to 180 months.

● Payment Retry: If a payment attempt fails, there are up to 10 additional days until the end of the month for retrying. Notifications are sent to both the business owner and the customer for failed attempts with a link to update credit card number.

Premium Recurring Payment:

For enhanced services, consider the premium recurring payment option that offers:

  1. Updated Token: In case of credit card expiration or customer-initiated card replacement, the existing token is seamlessly updated with the new card details.
  2. Distinct Credit Card Charges: Charges appear as recurring payments in the customer's credit card company, providing clarity in monthly summaries.


Please note

● Permissions: Request permission from Grow to access the premium recurring payment service.
● Monthly Charge Detail: When configuring billing, use the sum parameter to specify the monthly charge.
● Types of Recurring Payment: Choose between premium recurring payment and regular recurring payment based on your specific needs.

Experience the convenience of recurring payments with Grow, streamlining your billing processes for continuous and seamless transactions.