Automated Refund Process

Refund overview:

In the event of order cancellation or any need to reimburse a customer after a successful transaction, you can initiate a refund. Please note the following guidelines for an effective refund process:


When to Use Refund:

โ— Refund transactions can only be processed for transactions that have been previously charged.
โ— Refunds are applicable when you need to return the entire amount charged.

If you want to refund money on the same day transaction has been made, that action won't be a refund but it will be a cancellation (i.e. in this situation you will not be able to refund a partial amount of the transaction, you can only cancel the whole transaction).


Important Note:

โ— Refunding direct debit transactions is handled separately for each payment. You must provide the transactionId and paymentSum for a single payment, and multiple payments cannot be refunded simultaneously.
โ— No invoice is generated for a refund.
โ— Refunds can also be managed through the back-office system.

Please note: There is no Invoice for a refund.

Refund Limitations:
โ— Refunds are not possible if there is no balance in the account.
โ— Balances are managed between 1-30 days.
โ— Refunds can be processed up to the transaction amount.
โ— A maximum of 2 refunds can be made through the API.
โ— For the third refund, please use the customer service hotline.

Ensure a smooth and compliant refund process by adhering to these guidelines. If you have further inquiries or need assistance, feel free to explore our Backoffice system or reach out to our customer service team.