Payment Types Offered by Grow

Regular Payment

  • A standard single payment for a product or service.
  • Options include credit card, Bit, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Multiple payments

  • Similar to a single regular payment but splits the total sum into multiple payments.
  • For example, a product costing 1800 NIS can be paid in 6 monthly installments of 300 NIS each.
  • Credit card limit is reserved accordingly each month.

For a payment transaction there are 2 options

  1. Selecting in advance the number of payments you would like the transaction to be made,
    using the parameter paymentNum = 1-12
  2. second option
    Allow the customer to choose the number of payments he wants to make in the billing status by setting a limit number of payments
    By sending parameter maxPaymentNum = 1-12


  • Enables consistent and recurring monthly charges without manual processing.
  • Allows modification of recurring payments, including changes to sum, customer details, payment date, change credit card and more.

Details about Billing


  • Manage customer charges independently by saving and using tokens.
  • Allows additional charges without customer action.

Details about Tokens


  • Allows refunding for the full or partial sum after successful credit card testing in the live environment.

Details about Refunds

Note -refunds can also be processed through theback office system.


  • Provides flexibility for businesses, suitable for billing products/services where the final sum can change until the card is charged or until the transaction concludes.
  • Ideal for products with variable weight or where the total cost is determined at the end of service/product delivery.

Details about J4J5

Explore the detailed information for each payment type by following the provided links.