Server To Server

Server-To-Server Communication:
Our server-to-server service facilitates seamless communication with your server after a transaction is initiated. To ensure a smooth process, it is imperative that you send a response to Grow's server, confirming the receipt of our call. In the event that no response is received, our server will make additional attempts as follows:

● 1-3 times after 10 minutes.

● 4-5 times after 20 minutes.

● 6 times after 30 minutes.
For example, the initial call occurs immediately after the transaction, followed by subsequent calls at 10-minute intervals. If no response is received by the sixth attempt, an email notification will be sent to your company to alert you of the communication issue.

Updating the server with the transaction's status and details would be performed by an HTTPS API method that you will be providing us when calling CreatePaymentProcess, in the notifyUrl param.

This URL is an endpoint in your site, which Grow's server will call to update you about the transaction. When received this call (you could save data to DB etc. and then) you should call ApproveTransaction.

The method takes in parameters as an HTTP POST, the same way as you would send the data to the CreatePaymentProcess method and NOT as JSON

Approve Transaction

Upon the completion of the payment process, it is crucial to inform Grow that a response has been received and the transaction process was successfully completed.
Transaction Approval Method:
To officially approve the transaction, utilise the approveTransaction method at the conclusion of the process. This step involves sending the pageCode and all data received frome the server update.

Important Notes:
● This step does not alter the transaction status nor does it cancel or approve it; the charging process proceeds as planned.
● It is a critical component of the overall process and must be performed for every successful transaction.
● Do not send this request in the case of token transactions (created with createTransactionWithToken) or delayed transactions (J4J5), or for save token only scenarios.

Parameter Details

Field NameDescriptionType of FieldExample
transactionIdTransaction IdInt79755
transactionTokenTransaction TokenStringf3f9598b42cb119980f07360a66482b3
TransactionTypeIdMethod of paymentInt1
paymentTypepayments method (regular, multiple payments or direct debit)Int4
sumtransaction total amountFlot99
firstPaymentSumThe first payment to pay in a multiple payments transactionFloat16.5
periodicalPaymentSumthe amount of each payment after the first payment in a multiple payments transactionFloat16.5
paymentsNumcurrent payment numberInt1
allPaymentsNumTotal number of payments to be madeInt6
paymentDatepayment dateString04/12/17
asmachtaAn approval from the credit card company for the paymentString7304783
descriptionTransaction descriptionStringcourse registration
fullNamefull nameStringJohn Doe
payerEmailemailString[email protected]
cardSuffixlast 4 credit card digitsString1121
cardTypecard typeStringLocal
cardTypeCodecard-type codeInt1
cardBrandthe card's brandStringVisa
cardBrandCodecard brand codeInt3
cardExpexpiration dateString0120
processIdprocess idInt
processTokenprocess tokenString
cardTokencredit card tokenString456456776vgfyvhjbsdkc87s8
customFieldsan array of optional fieldsArray{"cField1":"customer123","cField2":"product123"}

Server url for testing :

At Grow, we prioritize efficient and secure transactions. Should you have any inquiries or require further assistance, please contact our dedicated support team. Your satisfaction is our commitment.