Flexible Payment Framework:
J5J4 for Dynamic Transactions
Discover the versatility of the J5 framework by Grow Systems, offering flexibility for businesses dealing with variable charges. Ideal for billing products or services where the final sum may vary until the card is charged or the transaction is concluded.
For instance:
Products with variable weight (vegetables or meat), or products that the total cost is determined at the end of the service / product delivery.

Key Features:

Permission and Approval:
○ Working with delayed payment (J5) requires prior approval and permission from Grow.
○ Unauthorized usage will result in an error message.

Partial Release and Invoice Details:
○ Release part of the money from J5 as needed (You can release any sum from the frame catch).
○ Customize invoice details for better record-keeping.

No Approval Required:
○ After making a delayed payment (J5), there's no need to call Approve Transaction, as no payment has been made.
○ Approval for a delayed transaction is not required.

Time Limit:
○ J5 transactions have a timeframe of up to 3 days.

Handling Customer Regret:
● Generally, J5 transitions to J4. In case the J4 transaction doesn't occur, you can release J5 by performing a J4 transaction and an immediate refund.
● If no J4 transaction is made, J5 will automatically release after 10 days.

Customer Authorization for Payment Release (J4 J5):
● When customers input credit card details, no charge is made initially. Only a confirmation is received from the credit card company, with funds limited in the credit limit.
● To charge the credit card (executing J4), use the method and send the amount for release.

Important Notes :

  • Invoice Customization during J5 Request:
  • While sending a J5 request, you have the option to add items to the invoice.
  • When releasing the transaction, you can modify invoice details, overriding the previously saved information.
  • If you want to cancel a frame capture in a bit, you can do it through the call -cancel of a bit transaction

The flow is as follow: