NFC Service

Revolutionize Transactions with NFC on Your Smartphone

Secure, Contactless Payments with Grow's NFC Feature
Unlock the potential of your smartphone by transforming it into a cutting-edge clearing terminal with Grow's innovative NFC feature. Accept payments seamlessly by linking credit cards and digital wallets directly through your mobile device.

Key Advantages:
● Secure Transactions:
○ Unlike manual transactions, NFC ensures secure payments, offering peace of mind for both businesses and
○ Protection against transaction denials ensures a smooth payment experience.
● EMV Technology:
○ Benefit from EMV technology, adhering to the strictest security standards in the industry.

How It Works ?

Explore NFC payments effortlessly through one of the payment options in our application. The intuitive process guarantees a secure transaction, ensuring customer satisfaction.
Watch the NFC Payment Process:
Click Here to view a video showcasing the easy and safe NFC payment process.

Watch the NFC Payment Process:
The easy and safe payment process can be seen in the following video:

API Integration for NFC Transactions:
For those seeking additional details on NFC transactions using the API, explore the possibilities through a unique phone-specific page code. [Learn More ]


Threshold Conditions for Use:

● Android operating system

● NFC-enabled device

● Stable internet connection

● Currently not supported on iOS

Embrace the future of contactless payments with Grow's NFC feature—where innovation meets convenience for a seamless transaction experience.