Light API

Elevating Your Transactional Experience

Grow's Light API is a powerful tool designed to bring efficiency and versatility to your transactional processes. It provides a range of functionalities that cater to various payment scenarios, offering a seamless integration experience for diverse business environments.

Key Features:
● Regular Transactions:
○ Enable smooth and standard transactions, ensuring a hassle-free payment experience.

● Payments:
○ Facilitate easy and secure payment processing for your customers.

● Standing Orders:
○ Set up and manage standing orders for continuous payments.

● Credits:
○ Manage credit-related transactions efficiently.

● 3DS (3D Secure):
○ Enhance transaction security with 3D Secure authentication.

● J4J5 Transactions:
○ Provide flexibility in billing for products or services with dynamic sums.

● Token Saving and Charging:
○ Securely save and charge tokens for convenient future transactions.

● Embedding Possibilities:
○ Seamlessly embed in Iframe or Redirect structures for a cohesive user experience.

● Direct Payment Templates:
○ Utilize pre-configured templates for straightforward and efficient direct payments.

● Payment Options:
○ Support various payment methods, including credit cards, Bit, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

● Business Page Customization:
○ Personalize success and failure pages to align with your business branding.

● Versatile Implementation:
Suitable for integration across all development environments, including:

  1. Internet sites ◆ Online stores
  2. Content management systems: WordPress, Magento, and more
  3. Web or Native applications
  4. WIX or Squarespace website builders
  5. CRM business systems payment pages, and more

Seamless Integration, Diverse Applications:
Whether you operate an online store, manage content through various systems, or run native applications, the Light API seamlessly adapts to your needs. Explore the possibilities and integrate Grow's Light API for a robust and efficient payment solution tailored to your business.

For detailed API reference documentation, click here.