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What is a clearance plugin?

A clearance plugin enables receiving payments on e-commerce websites.
For connect our clearance plugin to a WordPress website, the site needs to be built on the WordPress platform with Woo Commerce.
If there is no Woo Commerce in the plugin, we won't be able to transfer the website for review.
Before receiving our clearance plugin on the customer's website, the site must undergo a review, which takes 5-7 business days.

The existing payment solutions in our plugin include:

  • bit
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Credit card

Important emphases:

The website needs to be active, in live environment, and with a fixed/temporary domain.
If the website is in a testing environment, it is the customer's responsibility to transfer it to live once it moves from testing.
Transfer or request us to transfer the plugin to live when it's ready.

process structure

What are the steps in the process to approve a clearing site?

For customers who wish to add a grow payment plugin to their website, they first need to check that the website meets the following conditions:

  1. Active Website - The website must be active, with a real or temporary domain, and it should include all the products or services that will be sold continuously on the site.

  2. Payment Page - A payment page must appear on the website. This should be a page that comes after clicking "Purchase" or "Shopping Cart" (not a credit card page but a page with customer details before proceeding to payment).

  3. Contact Phone Number - A contact phone number must be clearly displayed on the website, either on the homepage or on a dedicated contact page.

  4. Business Address - The business address must be present on the website itself or in the terms and conditions.

  5. Purchase Terms Approval - On the payment page, there must be a checkbox (which can be marked) for approving the terms and conditions. Additionally, the approval must include a link to view the actual terms and conditions.

  6. Terms and Conditions - In addition to the terms and conditions checkbox, there must be terms and conditions displayed on the website's homepage.
    In every set of terms and conditions, the following clauses must be included:

  • Product/Service Delivery Policy - (Including information about how long it takes from the purchase date for the product to be shipped to the customer, and how the product will be delivered, among other details.)
  • Business Liability Information - (Stating that the company and/or its representatives will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the service or product purchased on the website.)
  • Age Restriction - (Clearly specifying from what age purchases can be made on the website. Conditions for purchasing on the site, such as the purchaser being 18 years or older – for credit card purchases and use.)
  • Transaction Cancellation Terms - (Outlining the conditions for canceling a transaction.)
  • Privacy Policy - (Explaining whether or not user-provided information on the website will be used, and how user data is protected.)

The process :

You should contact us to send the website for review via email at [email protected].
Afterward, the customer will receive a payment link.

After the business owner has purchased the plugin, the website will undergo a review by the operations team, which may take up to 7 business days (typically, the site will be reviewed within one business day if no special documents are required).


After the site is approved for clearance, the customer will receive an email with the plugin installation confirmation. They will have the option to choose whether they want to install it themselves or have it installed by us.

For more instructions on how to install the plugin independently:

For a link to a self-installation guide of the plugin and settings for payments, fixed instructions, J5 click here.