POS Device

Introducing the 3Q Mobile Terminal: Elevate Your Checkout Experience

Empower Your Business with Cutting-Edge Technology
Incorporate sophistication into your checkout process with the 3Q Mobile
Terminal, a state-of-the-art device designed for credit clearing based on the Android operating system. This elegant and unique terminal adds a touch of modernity to your checkout table, resembling a fine piece of jewelry.

Key Features:

  1. EMV Standard Compatibility:
    • The 3Q Mobile Terminal supports payments in the EMV standard, ensuring secure and compliant credit
  2. Sleek Design:
    • Immerse your checkout area in elegance with the 3Q's unique and stylish design, making it a standout addition to your business environment.
  3. Connectivity Options:
    • Stay connected effortlessly with WiFi and a 4G SIM card, providing flexibility and reliability in various settings.
  4. Extended Battery Life:
    • Power through the entire workday with the 3Q's robust battery, eliminating concerns about running out of
      charge during peak hours.

Versatile Payment Options:

  • NFC Component: Enable credit card billing using the NFC component, allowing seamless transactions with linked devices.
  • Manual Typing: Facilitate credit debit by manually entering payment details for added convenience.
  • Bit Integration: Bill customers using Bit by sending payment requests and scanning barcodes effortlessly.
  • Payment Requests: Send payment requests to customers directly from the terminal.
  • Transaction Reporting: Access real-time transaction reports for streamlined record-keeping and business management.

Experience the Future of Payments:
Upgrade your business with the 3Q Mobile Terminal, where cutting-edge technology meets aesthetic appeal. Elevate your customer experience and embrace a new era of efficient and secure credit transactions.

Revolutionize Your Checkout Experience with the 3Q Mobile Terminal.