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Seamless Mobile Payment Management

Revolutionize Your Business with the Grow Application

Seamless Mobile Payment Management
As digital payments take center stage in Israel, businesses need tools that offer accessibility, flexibility, and speed. The Grow Application is designed to empower business owners with three key functions for efficient mobile payment management on both Android and soon on Apple devices.

Key Features:

Three key functions for managing mobile payments in businesses (Android, soon on Apple):

  1. Face-to-Face Payment:

    Experience advanced solutions for physical payments, including:

  • Manual entry of credit card details
  • QR code for Bit payments
  • Mobile Touch Payment feature
  1. Remote Payment:
    Send immediate payment requests effortlessly, supporting credit cards, Bit, and various wallets.
  2. Transaction Management:
    • Real-time reports for comprehensive transaction oversight
    • Quick search functionality
    • Refund capabilities
    • Manual or automatic invoicing and payment confirmations How It

How it work ?

Explore various payment options directly from the home screen:

  1. Send payment requests to customers
  2. Access real-time transaction reports
  3. Manually record transactions

Here is a link to download the grow application on IOS-

Here is a link to download the grow app on Android-

Empower your business with the Grow Application, ensuring convenience, mobility, and efficiency in the evolving landscape of digital payments.